Geek:30 Happy Hour | Celebrating Geek Culture and Craft Beer


June 20, 2017

The Geek:30 Happy Hour
The Geek:30 Happy Hour started because Alex and JoJo always enjoyed spending time together talking about their favorite geeky things and trying new beers.  Realizing they entertained their friends with their banter, they decided to put a microphone in front of them.  The rest is history.  They enjoy supporting the local brewery scene in the Washington DC area and using this show as a platform to share the great craft beer being made.

About Alex Albisu
Alex is a lover of technology, video games, music, and all things geeky in general.  He typically spends his times bothering his loving and patient wife, Deanna, and playing with his two dogs, Baylee and Finn.  When he's done being obnoxious to his family, he enjoys gaming with friends, trying new beer, and playing the guitar (and a number of other instruments).

About JoJo Maldonado
When JoJo isn't obsessing over the color orange and growing a magnificent beard, you can usually find him tinkering with different gadgets (specifically audio equipment), chugging Guinness, or buying obscene amounts of movies (which he will probably definitely watch one day).  JoJo has always been a big gamer, especially growing up where he would play co-op games with his younger brother.  His favorite video game is Double Dragon 2, and did we mention he loves the color orange?

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