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G30 48: Thankfully Yours

G30 48: Thankfully Yours

November 22, 2016

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Alex and JoJo bring on a beer they ordered from Kansas: 8-Bit Pale Ale

Then they talk Marvel’s Inhumans changing from a movie to a show:

And VR being slated to help a head transplant recipient:

Plus, they take a moment to reflect on the things that they are thankful for.

Hint: Technology.

Quick shout outs to:

Pod Nerdy 2 Me

Not Another Podcast?

And Escape Room Herndon

Plus, Episode 48’s G30 Question of the week: What geeky thing are you thankful for?


G30 47: With a Rebel Yell

G30 47: With a Rebel Yell

November 15, 2016

We have a published author on our show! Join Alex and JoJo as they welcome Justin to their show!

By recommendation, Justin has us pick up: Sam Adams: Rebel IPA

We then discuss:

Tesla introduces Solar Panel shingles to replace your roof:

Dungeons and Dragons gets inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame:

And then we talk about Justin's Book, Jordan Banks: Origin of a Spy. Currently available on Amazon for your Kindle:

Justin then poses a great G30 Question of The Week: What is the Game you keep going back to?


G30 46: The Cake Is A Lie!

G30 46: The Cake Is A Lie!

November 8, 2016

Today he turns…


*Cue Applause/Cheer*

It’s JoJo’s birthday! Alex brings on guest Neal to help him celebrate the big day!

Neal decides to pair beer with cake! WHAT!? What is this delicious Black Magik!? Founders Breakfast Stout + Yummy Chocolate cake!

The three then talk about:

Twitter shuts down Vine

Star Wars Fan FIlm

The new Doctor Strange movie! Warning! There will be *SPOILERS! (Don’t worry, we warn you and give you a countdown)

Neal then provides this episode’s G30 Question of The Week: What is your favorite Marvel Movie and Why? -Caveat: No Fox, Sony, or other studio properties. Only Disney’s Marvel.


G30 45: JoJo Gets a Surprise

G30 45: JoJo Gets a Surprise

November 1, 2016

Apparently, Alex has been keeping a secret from JoJo. A secret everyone knows… Except for JoJo…

Listen in as JoJo loses his collective (Bad Word) while Alex blows his mind with this new revelation.

Eventually JoJo regains composure. Eventually…

And the two welcome Alex’s sister, Katie, to the show to talk about:

The 10 Scariest games… You know, the ones JoJo will never play… That’s what Alex and Katie are here for:

Fear can be good for your health! Alex and Katie say win, JoJo claims shenanigans:

And a Mathematical equation on how much candy could kill you: (Alex and Katie are not excited about Math. JoJo considers challenging the numbers…)

Katie brought a new beer! Hardywood Farmhouse Pumpkin

Plus, Episode 45’s G30 Question of the Week: Who Is Your favorite Disney Princess And Why?

Join the conversation, all the geeky kids are doing it! Besides, we will give you a shout out on the show!


G30 44: Batman be Clownin’

G30 44: Batman be Clownin’

October 25, 2016

Alex and JoJo welcome Justin back to the show!

Is he Batman? Or does he just have really bad allergies? The world may never know.

The trio discuss the beer Justin brought over. Du Claw’s Mad Bishop:

Then they talk Nintendo unveiling The new Switch:

And the most popular Geeky Halloween costumes this year:

Plus, Justin brings a new G30 Question of The Week: Old School N64: Mario Kart or Goldeneye?


G30 43: The Rerecorded…

G30 43: The Rerecorded…

October 18, 2016

JoJo returns! Now with more T-Virus! But Alex has apprehensions about recording with a plague induced JoJo so they decide to have a week long hiatus.

Come on, Alex! A lil Plague never hurt nobody!

So the two finally get together, hack through an intro, record five minute of high quality content, and stop mid statement as they bare witness to Alex’s p00ter literally dying in front of them. :(

After rewiring the console, reversing the polarities, and reaching 88mph, Alex and JoJo finally get the conversation going again with great topics like:


Samsung stops sales and production of it’s Note 7:

And Tesla Coils can make music!:

We also bring on a scary looking, yet super delicious beer from Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, Virginia) called Dark Hollow:

We read some great responses from last week’s question as well as pose this episode’s G30 Question of The Week: Which Planeteer Ring would you wear?

Give us an answer for a chance to be featured on the show!


G30 42.5: Where in the World is Jojo?

G30 42.5: Where in the World is Jojo?

October 3, 2016

Alex is sad that Jojo is leaving him!!! Not permanently, and it's mostly jealousy he's feeling. Jojo is a world traveler for a couple of weeks, which means the guys got together to record a quick .5 episode. Listen in on the exciting adventures that are in store for Jojo as he travels through Europe with his family!

G30 42: The Meaning of Life

G30 42: The Meaning of Life

September 27, 2016

Alex celebrates three wonderful years of marriage with Deanna! and brings back a growler from Wolfe Street Brewing in Harrisonburg, Virginia!

He is then joined by JoJo and their mutual friend, Justin to talk about:

VR Dating

A teen centric Doctor Who Spinoff

And some high tech shoes from BMW and (separately) Nike... Not QUITE Back To The Future... But getting close!

Episode 41's G30 Question of the week brought some hilarious and amazing responses!

Will you put your name on the line for Episode 42's G30 Question of The Week? What is the worst pick up line you have ever given or received?

Answer and get a shout out on the show!

Thanks for Joining the conversation!


G30 41: Game delays, game walls, and Game Masters

G30 41: Game delays, game walls, and Game Masters

September 20, 2016

In this episode, Alex allows JoJo to elaborate certain details... He questions whether or not that would be a good idea in the future... Probably not.

Anyhow, we bring Kevin into the conversation! We Love Kevin! And Kevin brought beer! We Loved Kevin BEFORE he brought beer! But also More so afterwards... Slight bias...

Duvet Golden Ale:

We also talk shop about:

5 Hours on the cusp of space for a mere $75,000!:

A rock wall that's also a video game:

The Fractured But Whole (heh) delayed till 2017:

Plus, Kevin provides this episode's G30 Question of The Week: Who would win in a fight, Mr. Clean or The Brawny Paper Towel Guy? (Yup, we had a hard time too! Kevin brought his A Game!)

This is your chance to join the conversation. Plus, we'll give you a shout out on our next episode!


G30 40: Cutting The Cord

G30 40: Cutting The Cord

September 13, 2016

Apple has cut the cord on headphones, should you? Join Alex and JoJo as they discuss moving forward without analog ear buds:

They also cover Sony's Playstation Pro reveal:

And everyone loves Lego! Why not build furniture out of it?

@slavey on Twitter makes a beer recommendation, so we found it and brought it on the show! Ale smith Speedway Stout

And of course, The G30 Question of The Week: Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Join the conversation and get a shout out on the show!