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G30 49: Live from Tin Cannon!

November 29, 2016

Live from Tin Cannon, it’s Geek:30 Happy Hour!

Join Alex and JoJo as they celebrate 2 years with Bobby, John, Aaron, Neal, and Sabrina on location at Tin Cannon Brewing Company in Gainesville, Virginia!

Tin Cannon provides a number of fantastic brews and neither Alex, nor JoJo has yet to have a bad beer their. You should genuinely visit the brewery!

The group talks:

Emilia Clarke joins the cast of the Han Solo Movie:

Your character grows old and dies in Chronicles of Elyria:

Beer served in a dead squirrel:

With the assistance of Aaron, we have this episode’s G30 Question of The Week: Top Three Craft Breweries (In Virginia if you’re local!)