Geek:30 Happy Hour | Celebrating Geek Culture and Craft Beer

G30 50: Celebrating 50 Episodes!

December 6, 2016


Thank you so much for 50 amazing episodes about all things geek and craft beer!

This week we recorded in front of a live studio audience via Discord!

We also celebrated with a local Virginia cider: Bold Rock Virginia Draft Amber Apple Cider

We talked about: Universal Studios and Nintendo hookup to make a theme park:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer:

Driverless beerlivery:

Plus, we polled our live studio audience for this episode’s G30 Question of The Week: What game or franchise do you think deserves a sequel?

A member of our audience won a Geek:30 Happy Hour tee shirt for that awesome submission!

Again, our sincerest gratitude for your support over the the last 50 episodes! We wouldn’t be here without you!