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G30 59: Fairly Certain This Was A Movie Plot…

February 28, 2017

*Opening Scene* Scientist: We can't do that. Questionable/Secret Government Entity: HA!

*Two weeks later* (After an observation of the whole planet on fire) Joe Blue Collar: Well... Guess we gotta find a new planet... *Rolls Up Sleeves*

Yup. We'll get into that...


Alex and JoJo bring on a beer by recommendation from Rindi!

Delirium Tremens

Then we talk NASA finding 7 potentially habitable exoplanets a mere 39 light years away:

Which we're going to need because Monkeys and Chimpanzees have entered the Stone Age:

And on these new planets we're going to need phones that last more than two years... *Enter Nokia, Stage Left* *Nokia Cracks Knuckles, Punches Audience in the Nostalgia* Nokia 3310 Resurrected:

*Climatic Plot Twist* Plus, Episode 59's G30 Question of The Week: On a NASA trip to one of the newly discovered exoplanets what would be the most underrated role that no one is talking about?

*End Scene* *Roll Credits* *Secret Awesome, but Significantly Vague After Credits Scene*

G30 Happy Hour Will Return in Episode 60!