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G30 68: Get Your Body Beach Ready With VR!

May 8, 2017

Alex and JoJo share a fart! 

Well... JoJo shares one with Alex... Who doesn't seem very excited about it. 

The Duo bring on Emergence IBA, a local craft brew from Bad Wolf Brewing Company in Manassas:

Then they talk: 

Anheuser Busch Purchases Wicked Weed Brewing:

Game Developer Loses 50 lbs playing VR:

Facebook shuts Oculus VR movie studio:

And for some inexplicable reason, Alex tries to quiz JoJo on Zelda games that were released on Gamboy. 
Seriously! Who makes an online quiz about Zelda and only asks about the Gameboy titles!? 
I'm not bitter! YOU'RE bitter! Shut up! 

And finally, Episode 68's G30 Question of The Week: 
What topics should Alex quiz JoJo on? 

Be nice people. I'm your friendly, neighborhood, Jolly Ol' JoJo. 
I do not know Quantum Physics. 
(I had to look up "Quantum" to make sure I spelled it right... o_O) 



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