Geek:30 Happy Hour | Celebrating Geek Culture and Craft Beer

G30 69: Giggity

May 15, 2017

Alex and JoJo are late! 

Well... Not like, THAT kind of late... 

But Alex and Deanna went and had a baby and JoJo went and borked himself... Again... 

Dammit, JoJo! 

The two drink a lovely beer from a local brewery! 
Mustang Sally Brewing Company Porter 

Then they talk: 

Deadpool Animated Series

Hellboy reboot

And Alex Quizzes JoJo on Star Wars! 
(Hint: JoJo passes with flying colors this time)
(Because it wasn't a quiz about gameboy games) 

And finally, Episode 69's Question of the Week: 
In honor of the new baby Albisu: come up with a creative sci-fi esq way to explain where babies come from.



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