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G30 70: Maniacal Laugh

May 23, 2017

Alex and JoJo bring on guest, Sam AKA "samahndc" from the Twitchverse! 

Sam brings not one, but TWO beers in light of his heritage and his spouse's heritage: 

San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer (Filipino):

Cass Fresh[edit] (Korean):
A pale-golden pale lager with an 4.5% ABV. Originally brewed by the Cass Brewery, the brand had been taken over by Jinro-Coors, one of the country's leading brewers. After having around 70% of the Korean lager market in the 1980s, by 1994 Cass had fallen behind Hite as Korea's top selling lager. Oriental Brewery bought the Cass brand from Jinro-Coors in 1999 and built it up again, with OB declaring a 51% market share in 2000. In 2007, the higher alcohol Cass Red was introduced. In 2011 Cass Lager became South Korea's number one selling brand, overtaking Hite.[5]

Non-alcoholic look-alikes of Cass can be found with brand names such as "Cars" and "Cdss". Some norae-bang (song bars) establishments have been known to try and pass off these imitations as the real thing, as Korean law prohibits noraebangs marked as such from selling alcoholic drinks within its premises (as opposed to noraejujeom establishments which are allowed to sell alcohol).
(Source: Wikipedia)

The trio then talk: 

Tom Hardy as Venom

Little Mermaid TV Special

Star Trek Discovery

What country that you have not visited would you visit and why?



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