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G30 60: Live from Heroic Aleworks!

March 7, 2017

Alex and JoJo take their show on the road to Woodbridge, Virginia where they meet, tour, and talk with Tim and Leon from Heroic Aleworks. 

Every beer released at Heroic Aleworks has a Superhero or Super Villain back story. Some of their main staples will have an accompanying physical comic book release as well. 

Geek:30 were fortunate enough to walk through all six of Heroic Aleworks's beers. (Two flights of three beers including accompanying collectible cards!)

Unfortunately, being a brewery, Tim and Leon had to step away to monitor production. So old friend Neal and new friend Rindi step in to talk news: 

Virginia i the first state to legalize delivery robots:


Lego London Store is the first to offer Lego Portraits:


Deadpool 2 Teaser (Well... More of a short story, really):

Plus, Episode 60's G30 Question of the Week: 

If you were a comic book superhero or villain, what would your superpower be?