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G30 65: BUNNY!!!

G30 65: BUNNY!!!

April 17, 2017

The title is a Nightmare Before Christmas reference about the Easter Bunny? 

Yup. We're meta like that. 

Alex and JoJo celebrate Easter! 

Alex with a smoker's cough and JoJo with restricted/heavy breathing. 


Yay rebirth... 

Anyhoo, the beer is a phenomenal Lemongrass Saison from Maui Brewing Company:

Then the duo talk: 

Life on Saturn’s Moon:

Star Wars Celebration Recap: 

Nintendo Direct News:


Then we pose Episode 65's G30 Question of The Week: 
Do you watch trailers, Yes or No? And Why? 



G30 64: The Rowdy

G30 64: The Rowdy

April 11, 2017

Alex and JoJo welcome a familiar guest back to the show, Justin! 

Justin brings with him:


Nasty Woman from Lickinghole Creek in Goochland! Yes, Goochland.


Then the trio talk: 

National Beer Day:


Invader Zim is returning:


Mass Effect wasn't quite a complete title at launch:


And this episode's G30 Question of The Week: 

What was your first screenname? 

(Do you still have it? Do you still use it? How did you come up with the name? Oh... And BE HONEST!)


G30 63: Divisive Diversity

G30 63: Divisive Diversity

April 4, 2017

Alex and JoJo drink an IPA!

And JoJo doesn't die from being punched in the face by it! 

Flying Dog Brewery - The Truth


Then the duo talk: 

New attraction at Universal Studios in collaboration with Jimmy Fallon:


Diversity doesn’t sell comics:


April Fools!

And of course, episode 63's G30 Question of The Week: 
What is your favorite party video game and why? 



G30 62: Recycled Original Content

G30 62: Recycled Original Content

March 28, 2017


Well... He was only MOSTLY dead... 

But I digress. 

Alex and JoJo take on an Oak Barrel Stout!

Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout


Then they talk Matrix Reboot:

19 Planned Disney Live Action Remakes:

And then do a spoiler free review of Logan, currently in theaters. 

Plus, Episode 62's G30 Question of The Week: 

Which movie/franchise should absolutely NOT be remade?


G30 61: And there’s the Hufflepuff…

G30 61: And there’s the Hufflepuff…

March 14, 2017

Alex and JoJo have a crazy weekend! 

And then can't get it together to record an episode. 

Inability to function in routine should be noted as the mark of a great weekend. 


Regardless, the duo celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Smithwicks! 
(Pronounced Smitticks)

Then talk: 

It's official, Deadpool is a Hufflepuff! 

Tattoos that can complete circuits: 

And The Bugatti Chiron, a luxury Super Yacht, because why the hell not!?  

Also, this Episode's G30 Question of the week: 
Which House would you be sorted into at Hogwarts? 


G30 60: Live from Heroic Aleworks!

G30 60: Live from Heroic Aleworks!

March 7, 2017

Alex and JoJo take their show on the road to Woodbridge, Virginia where they meet, tour, and talk with Tim and Leon from Heroic Aleworks. 

Every beer released at Heroic Aleworks has a Superhero or Super Villain back story. Some of their main staples will have an accompanying physical comic book release as well. 

Geek:30 were fortunate enough to walk through all six of Heroic Aleworks's beers. (Two flights of three beers including accompanying collectible cards!)

Unfortunately, being a brewery, Tim and Leon had to step away to monitor production. So old friend Neal and new friend Rindi step in to talk news: 

Virginia i the first state to legalize delivery robots:


Lego London Store is the first to offer Lego Portraits:


Deadpool 2 Teaser (Well... More of a short story, really):

Plus, Episode 60's G30 Question of the Week: 

If you were a comic book superhero or villain, what would your superpower be?


G30 59: Fairly Certain This Was A Movie Plot…

G30 59: Fairly Certain This Was A Movie Plot…

February 28, 2017

*Opening Scene* Scientist: We can't do that. Questionable/Secret Government Entity: HA!

*Two weeks later* (After an observation of the whole planet on fire) Joe Blue Collar: Well... Guess we gotta find a new planet... *Rolls Up Sleeves*

Yup. We'll get into that...


Alex and JoJo bring on a beer by recommendation from Rindi!

Delirium Tremens

Then we talk NASA finding 7 potentially habitable exoplanets a mere 39 light years away:

Which we're going to need because Monkeys and Chimpanzees have entered the Stone Age:

And on these new planets we're going to need phones that last more than two years... *Enter Nokia, Stage Left* *Nokia Cracks Knuckles, Punches Audience in the Nostalgia* Nokia 3310 Resurrected:

*Climatic Plot Twist* Plus, Episode 59's G30 Question of The Week: On a NASA trip to one of the newly discovered exoplanets what would be the most underrated role that no one is talking about?

*End Scene* *Roll Credits* *Secret Awesome, but Significantly Vague After Credits Scene*

G30 Happy Hour Will Return in Episode 60!


G30 58: The Star Wars Serenade

G30 58: The Star Wars Serenade

February 21, 2017

A Fearsome Foursome as Alex and JoJo are joined by Javy and Cody of Something Strange (The Podcast)!

Cody surprises us with a cider! Ace Hard Cider

Then the four talk:

Retroblox Gaming Console vs Raspberry Pi:

Sexy Star Wars Time! (And Music!)

A Kickstarter to get an origin short story for Rufio (from Hook) to video:

And this episode's G30 Question of The Week: What is the strangest story you’ve ever heard?


G30 57: Accepting Valentine’s Day Applications (Inquire Within)

G30 57: Accepting Valentine’s Day Applications (Inquire Within)

February 14, 2017

Alex and JoJo are each other’s Valentine’s!

And then Alex remembers he’s married…


Oh wait, that’s the wrong holiday… This is February, not October…


The duo sip on a brilliant beer:

Laughing Dog Brewing Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter

As they talk:

Drinking beer is healthy for you! Hooray!

First looks into Marvel’s Infinity War:

And Toyota’s Window to the world:

Plus, Episode 57’s G30 Question of The Week: What beer should we feature on the show?

And as a special treat, at the end of the show we will pop in an excellent song from Paul’s band, Sheiks of Neptune! Thanks, Paul, for letting us play this!


G30 56: Kickstart My Heart

G30 56: Kickstart My Heart

February 7, 2017

A tale of two breweries!

Alex and JoJo welcome guest Paul to the show. He lives in Vegas and brings in: Bluffing Isn't Weisse and Hoppy Times from Bad Beat Brewing

While Alex and JoJo enjoy: War Wagon Kolsch Old Ox Brewery

The trio talk about:

Japan chooses Goku as their 2020 Olympic mascot

Star Wars to release a background story about two Rogue One characters

And Paul has an awesome game up on Kickstarter! (You should DEFINITELY check it out!)

We read answers from last... AHEM... Two weeks ago's G30 Question of The Week as well as pose this episode's new question: Physics be damned, what event would you like to see in the Olympics?

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch cosplaying as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop:


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